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Testimonial - Martyn Kiel - ECB

 Martyn Kiel is the Coach Development Manager for the England and Wales Cricket Board and has been a strong partner of ours for over 3 years now. This is what he had to say about working with the team at Sharp Focus. "Our relationship with Sharp Focus goes back over many years and they have produced a wide variety of programmes and visual resources for many departments within our organisation. In the field of coach development, they have been a major contributor to supporting coaches working at every level of the game." "The team has a clear understanding of cricket, our projects and our various audiences, as well as having the versatility and creativity to produce content for our courses and resources. They constantly strive to find new ways to help us produce world leading content. " "I have really enjoyed working collaboratively with the team on a wide variety of projects that have all played their part in supporting coaches and contributed to improving cricket."